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Filter's "The Best Things - Johnny Vicious Mix" (11:02) is a monster cut at just over 11 minutes long! Serving as the follow up to the hugely successful "Take A Picture", "The Best Things" can best be described as dark hard trance. The song itself is not terribly memorable and really comes off like a rock track with a techno beat. Republica is known for the genre and gets the job done a lot better!

With an intro of almost 3 minutes in length, "The Best Things" contains the typical filter sweeps, trance strings, and Pet Shops Boys like chorus stabs. The track achieves its length simply by repeating itself over and over. The song just seems to go on and on as I was getting very bored at 8 minutes into the track.

The production is adequate, but the use of analogue synth sweeps is pushed to the point of cliche. A real sleeper of a track.

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