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"Another Late Night" is a bizarre collection of down-tempo chill out tracks specifically compiled by the DJ Duo team of Fila Brazillia for the purposes of "after hours business". Now available on Kinetic Records and distributed by BMG, "Another Late Night" defies stylistic classifications as more of an after party soundtrack.

Described as "Grand Theatre of the Imagination", "Another Late Night" is a moody and trippy journey into wildly eclectic music that ranges from Jazz and downbeats to world funk, R&B, film score and progressive pop with everything in between. With a background in live music, Fila Brazillia who are originally from Kingston Upon Hull, serve as the guides and have been creating down tempo music since 1991. Having done remixes for the likes of Radiohead, and Black Uhuru, Fila Brizillia also deliver their original version of "Nature Boy" as an addition to the set. Other noteworthy tracks include "Hero Theme" by Infesticons, "Bucket Bottom" by Prince Alla, "Get A Move On" by Mr. Scruff, "T Plays It Cool" by Marvin Gaye, and "Regiment" by Brian Eno. A total of 15 tracks are offered up.
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Not really dance music, "Another Late Night" by Fila Brizillia falls into the take it or leave it category. Some people will get the humor of this complex set, others will simply be bored. Either way, this album is unlike any other out there and will expose you to some very underground material.

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