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Funky Green Dogs - STAR With the addition of Tamara Wallace as lead vocalist, this new album from the Miami based duo Funky Green Dogs, is pure dance through and through. The first track is a free and easy, silky smooth version of their hit "Body". Tamara's vocals are pure and delicious throughout. "Keep Walking" with its very catchy hook is reminiscent of days past. The jammin keyboards remind us that these guys know how to make music, not just program it! "Tomorrow" is the only disposable track on the album. "Movin" is very recognizably FGD and for some reason seems to be mixed much louder than the rest of the tracks. "Discotek" sounds as if it were lifted from a hot Brazilian night. "Just A Little Luck" is pure 80's funk but a little too repetitive. STAR ends on a reprise of "Body" as remixed by Club69 which ends up being the hardest slammin track of the set. For some strange reason, FGD have included a "hidden" track 15 minutes after the completion of "Body". It sounds like nothing more than a drunken dictator babbling in Spanish to carnival music?

There's no doubt these guys are here to stay. The album is impeccably produced and recorded. Tamara can sing circles around Whitney any day! FGD have managed to capture an underground sound while keeping it clean and new. Each track is dance floor ready and all are over 5:00 in length.

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