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Well the Interhit boys (Jeff Johnson and Thunderpuss' Chris Cox) are back with a vengeance with the release of Eyes Cream's "Open Up Your Mind." It's been some time since I've been this excited about a new release, as evident by the few reviews we've been posting recently. It seems as though the soft economy combined with the MP3 file swapping bonanza has all but knocked the life out of dance music. But what's old is new again, and what I mean by that, is the high quality dance music that Interhit was releasing X number of years ago, artists like Abigail, etc., seems to be alive and kicking again with this new release. Imported for the U.S. from EMI's Italian label Dance Factory by Los Angeles based Provocative Music, "Open Up Your Mind" has immediate dance floor appeal that will once again resurrect that signature Interhit Sound.

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At the heart of Eyes Cream lies Italian producer Agostino Carollo better known internationally as X-Treme. Eyes Cream's debut single "Fly Away" enjoyed massive success with a Top 5 club hit, and a #1 hit on the Billboard Club Play Chart. Agostino wrote and composed "Open Up Your Mind" while vocalist Stef (who at times sounds a bit like Erin Hamilton), delivers the edgy vocals that soar above this smashing single.


Eyes Cream - "Open Up Your Mind" is a house based vocal track which comes in 8 flavors. The first and second track's are the radio primed "Warp 9" (3:32), and "Club 8" (3:16) radio mixes. (Listen up Party 93.1!) Following these radio edits is track #3 "Warp 9 Mix" (Cox Edit) which is both edgy and perfect for your top of the night crowd with its ample intro and outros. Track #4 "Guido Osorio (of Razor & Guido) Mix" (8:06) is the track to play on the house party circuit with its high energy Thunderpuss inspired edgy sound. If you're looking for a later night (early morning) mix, the I would suggest Track #5 "KLM (Keith Litman) Club Mix" (8:06) with it's slightly darker appeal. Next up is track #6, the carbon copy Spiller Groove jet-inspired "Club 8 Extended Mix". This mix would sound great over the Spiller Track, but it's a high quality feel good funk mix in its own right! The set ends with two perfectly match deep dark dubs which are #7 "Guido Osorio Dub" (6:26) and track #8 the "KLM Dub" (5:13).

Overall an excellent offering; high quality mixes, energetic producing, good song writing, I can't wait to hear what else this team assembles for dance floor consumption in the future. Deservedly a 5+, it's amongst the best to surface in some time. Eyes Cream - "Open Up Your Mind" is released on The Right Stuff, a division of Capitol Records. "Open Up Your Mind" is also featured both on "Provocative Trance" and "Twelve Inches Of Cox" also produced by Provocative Music and mixed by Chris Cox.

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