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Following up to her debut "Partystarter" - I Wanna Dance is the Sophomore try from ultra-hot Swedish dance titan Evelyn. The title cut, "I Wanna Dance" leads off the album. With it's catchy underhook and overtly euro-energized shtick, this track is a sure hit and a great choice for a single. The hooks on this track are easily recognizable and you'll find yourself humming to it even after its ended. A true partystarter! Track 2 "Come and Get Me" is very classic euro-house and sounds like a very faint strain of Eiffel 65 but a bit more upbeat. The thing that stands out most from all of Evelyn's material is that it is all very fast. This track clocks in at nearly 140 BPMs.

The third cut "Woodpeckers from Space" is a retro-disco'y sounding ditty. The intro starts out sounding very Thompson Twins and then merges with the very recognizable sounds of Woody Woodpecker. Plenty of sound effects, samples and vocoders to go around. Track 4 starts out with a grinding bassline and doesn't let up. Laden with heavily vocoded vocals and plenty of pretty synths thrown in, the combination creates plenty of swing!

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Oh Mama (Track 5) is a track that is all over the place and not quite sure where it wants to go. The chorus is fast and sure of itself. Somewhere around :34 the track completely changes to a different note and slows down considerably. It redeems itself back around 1:00 and them immediately at 1:23 recedes back to a completely different composition. "You and I" caught my attention immediately because of the gorgeous introduction of strings/keyboards. The track has strong currents of strings quietly laid throughout creating the feeling of being overproduced, but rather, just right.

"One More Try" is a ballad, which is extremely well written and beautifully sung with a great melody. This tune is a great contrast with Evelyn's usual dances styles. Track 8 "Boys from the Land" is a rolling tune that uses as its centerpiece lots of hyper drum rolls with chunky elegant vocals masterfully placed for perfect precision. Track 9 "Wonderful Feeling" this songs heavy and thick keyboard sequences a warm feeling which equates to a trance like state - with Euro sounds no less, go figure. "When I'm Dancing", "El Cielo" and the dance mix of "One More Try" round out the remaining songs.

"I Wanna Dance" covers plenty of ground for Evelyn, genre-wise. Hints of Hi-NRG, Euro, House and even some borderline retro add plenty of flair for this sophomore album. The vocals and lyrics (many of which were written by Evelyn) are precise and fit well with the inner workings of each cut. Given the wide range of songs on this album, this latest effort should cement Evelyn's status in the European dance market.
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