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Return to Music Page Evelyn - Party Starter (CD Album) If you like Hi-NRG candy Euro-pop, no doubt you've heard of Evelyn from Sweden. If you haven't, you most certainly should! Liscenced from Cool Music, and available on Gramophone Records, "Party Starter" is an
appropriate title for an album who's only intent is to get you moving.

"Party Starter" opens with the wonderful hi-NRG house track of "Everybody"
which has much commercial appeal. Following "Everybody" is the fun but a bit
campy "Funny Bunny Boy". "Movie Star" is next and is a remake of the 1976
Harpo hit. The next track is the very catchy "Blue Sky Black" followed by
the pumping "Get It Up". The album's tempo slows a bit for the slowed down
"I Belong To You". Things immediately pick back up with the super fast "Play
With Me". "All That I Need" has a lot of hit potential with its catchy
groove. "Gimme Some Time" is yet another hi-NRG techno sounding pop number
with a good hook. The next track is the "Let's Forget About Time" and is the
only ballad on the album. The Jam & Delgado Special Mix of "Funny Bunny Boy"
rounds out the set as a bonus track on the CD.

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"Party Starter" is a light-hearted fun fast tempo hi-NRG CD that will get anyone's foot tapping.
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