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3 out of 5 (by HM)
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EUFEX - Inspiration and Head On is a two sided two song deal from our friends out of the UK Base Arriba Records. Side A - Inspiration is another release on the UK based Arriba Records. It is an ultra-trippy hypnotic euro house number with cool breakdowns and build-ups. Hold onto your BPM's with this one - it moves fast. The track is simple, just quick beats with synth bubbles and blurbs, but DJ's will gravitate to the mindless drone that finally gives way to a great break. This is a late night record for sure.

Side B - "Head On" is a much harder feistier mix. You can feel the cymbals going through your head like knives. The synths start to invade the mix and take the mix toward the trance end of things. The house vocal snippets bring the mix back to euro houseland. Clubheads will go for it, and DJ's will spin it.

The pressing is top-notch quality out of the UK. These are slammin' tracks - not melodic songs, but the energy shines through!

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