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Dream Weaver was just a warm up for this awesome new release by Erin Hamilton titled "The Temple". The most striking aspect of this song is the sheer volume of vocals used on it. Erin soars above them and produces a truly uplifting recording!

NAJM Dance Culture Gothic techno undertones make this well written track particularly interesting. The production is first rate and is loaded with lots of sounds and textures that DJ's are going to eat up and that people are going to sing along with. The CD starts off with the Album version which in most cases is a real dog, but not here. Its extremely appealing and radio ready. Track 2 (Solar City Original Club Mix) is the powerhouse mix of the set. Coming in at 8:57 the track is very much mix friendly. Track 3 (Solar City Power Dub) is matched to the original club mix perfectly and will provide creative mixing opportunities.
Track 4 (Razor N' Guido Heaven Mix) starts out with tubular bells and ethereal vocals but turns aggressive right away. The vocal starts almost 3:00 into the mix, so there is plenty of intro to work with. Track 5 (Razor N' Guido Hell Duhb) is 10:34 long and is loaded with strong gothic organs that Bach would be proud of.
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The final track is the "Solar City Altar Mix" which culminates the earlier versions. DJPJ has placed this single on NAJM's "Choice Cuts - Tracks to Watch" because of the sheer strength of the production and Ms Hamilton's delivery. Its obvious this woman loves vocals and so do we! Check out the One World Review.
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