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Down To The Bone - Crazy Vibes & Things (CD Album)

"Crazy Vibes & Things" by Down To The Bone is the groups debut album for GRP Records and released by New York based Verve Music Group (both of which are part of the Universal Music Company). Consisting of a group of musicians Down To The Bone is lead by music mastermind / producer / arranger Stuart Wade who puts his musical emphasis on groove. And groove is just what this album does; a cross hybrid between jazz fusion and funk.

With keyboards by Neil Angilley, sax and flutes by Paul "Shilts" Weimar and Adrian Revell, bass by Paul Turner and Simon Bramley, guitar by Ian Crabtree, drums by Gota Yashiki, and percussion by Satin Singh, this group has rock solid timing, and an excellent rapport with each other as musicians. The album captures this essence by treating us to a free flowing smooth jam session by some top notch artists. Although most of the songs are instrumentals, Track #6 "My One and All" features the lovely vocals of Hilary Mwelwa of Hill St. Soul.

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"Crazy Vibes and Things" would not be considered a "traditional" dance album per se - no screaming divas or percolating synth lines. Instead smooth B3 jabs and brass do all the work and illustrate how the strong influence of Jazz affects much of house music being created today. Consisting of 10 tracks each offering between five and seven minute arrangements each, "Crazy Vibes and Things" is just that, a collection of groovy vibes mixed with some interesting things. Check it out.
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