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"Fire" by Dolce is the lead single from the highly anticipated forthcoming Junior Vasquez compilation entitled "Earth Music". Created by the writer / producer team The Orange Factory, "Fire" features the soulful big anthem vocals of Dolce, a new comer to the business who was discovered auditioning for session work at Sony studios. Although a freshman release, Dolce's
"Fire" has all the appeal of a Deborah Cox, or any of the other big house top of the night diva release.

The creative team behind the project is the trio of Jeremy Skaller, Robert LaRow, and Ellis Miah, the first two who wrote and coproduced last year's Dynamix presents Tina Ann's "Don't Need Another Man" hit. Collectively The Orange Factory's production credits include Yoko Ono's "Open Your Box, The Backstreet Boys' "The Call, and Kevin Aviance's "The Rhythm is My Bitch".

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"Fire" is served up on a five track maxi cd single on the New York based Tommy Boy Silver label. The first track is the primed for radio "Original Radio Edit" (3:06) which captures the essence of the track. Track #2 "Orange Factory Original Vocal" (8:18) is essentially the original version of the song and complete with floor stopping breaks and hi-energy builds. Track #3 is where things turn a little towards the underground with the deep tribal beats of the "Oscar G Space Vocal Mix" (8:45). Track #4 "Orange Factory Dub" (6:54) is slightly faster and darker and serves as the counter part dub of the original. And lastly the "Oscar G Space Blue Room Dub" (6:57) offers up a more minimal earthy mix.

"Fire" has already begun to receive support from Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, and Thunderpuss. Overall a great single, with tons of club circuit house appeal!

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