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Deborah Cox - It's Over Now (Hex Hector Club Mix) 9:47

No doubt about it, this song has it all. Heavy bass, great intro, excellent breaks. Taken from Deborah’s pop album debut, “It’s Over Now” builds on a crescendo that will make just about anyone sweat just listening. Hex Hector has taken an otherwise Top 40 pop song and turned it into a “dance till you drop, give it all you got” club anthem. Smooth flowing vocals versus beats make this song an instant floor filler. 

Deborah’s vocals are superior. Although billed by mainstream music as just another R&B singer, her style and range say something drastically different! Displaying an impressive range of music from the slow version of “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here (Slow Version)” to the super-quick club mixes; it’s obvious that she’s got what it takes to be a dance diva! Take that Whitney!

While not being directly promoted as a dance star, it’s nice to see a major record label, Arista taking the chance to give such a talented artist the chance to demonstrate her ability in another genre.

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