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Not your standard club affair, De La Soul featuring Chaka Khan has released "All Good" through NY's Tommy Boy label. Track #1 brings us the "Ugo & Sanz Chaka's Affair" (7:25) which is an ultra funky house soul number featuring the powerhouse vocals of Chaka Khan. This is a fine R'n B meets house. The effect is a slick live performance effect where you feel like you're jamming with the musicians. The base line is all over the place and drives the mix forward. Track #2 "Ugo & Sanz Dubalicious Mix" is slightly more subdued with its plunky bass, smooth keyboards and filtered vocal samples.

The B Side pumps out the underground "Razor 'n Guido Duhb Mix" (8:31), which is club ready as is. We are treated to a long intro before the track finally kicks in full speed. The vocal loop creates tension and suspense before the first break. The funky riffs are replaced by the classic Razor 'n Guido punch and grit street appeal.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) The last track is the "MJ Cole Vocal Mix" (5:11) is a huge contrast to the Razor 'n Guido Mix. The beats are jumpy and tight and the snappy accompaniment is almost trip hop. De La Soul's vocal works well with the jazzy Chaka Khan vocals. DJ's will like to sample this one.
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