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House, house, and more house music. This bigger than life double CD set comes to us from the German based Clubstar Records and featurestwo of Europes more prolific house DJ's: DJ Pippi and DJ Jamie Lewis.

The album is entitled "In The Mix - Vol 2" and is split into two very different listening experiences. Disc #1 is a culmination of world beat meets classic house and is dished up by DJ Pippi who is currently the resident DJ at one of Ibiza's most famous hotspots "Pacha". Weaving a very distinctive collection of feel good tracks, DJ Pippi treats us to an ecclectic collection of tracks that span from the Brazillian Carnival sounding songs all the way to Celeda's "The Underground". There are definitely tracks here that you won't hear anywhere else.

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Disc #2 is classic retro disco meets current body n soul house as slammed down by Jamie Lewis who is the owner of one of the most famous record stores "Deejay Service" in Winterthur. He also is the owner and label manager of Purple Music Inc. This set seemlessly combines such artists as Erik Kupper, Loleatta Holloway, Billie Ray Martin, amongst others, who's disco funk remixes combine perfectly into this feel good set.

Overall both DJ's do their jobs very well. Both have a wonderful knack at picking out interesting tracks that come together very well to create a single listening experience. If you're a classic house / retro disco facn, you won't go wrong with this double set jam packed with energy!

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