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DJ Keri - Illicit Breaks (CD Mix Compilation)


Now here's an instance where you have a DJ actually ADDING vocals to their music rather than playing faceless beats all night long. And those vocals just happen to be her own. I'm talking about Atlanta based DJ Keri, who for the last several years has been doing the club circuit while performing vocals over the top of the tracks she plays. I first met DJ Keri at the Winter Music Conference back in 2000, and I thought that perhaps her vocal-over-a-track shtick was a novelty. But here we are three years later, and her debut album "Illicit Breaks" proves me wrong. DJ Keri's "Illicit Breaks" features this vocal-over-a-track premise and she more or less pulls it off with flying colors.


I'll admit I was a bit skeptic about the album, but I was quickly hooked by the high quality Progressive breakbeat, (not your cheesy Florida breakbeat), tracks that DJ Keri picked to adorn this promo only (thus far) release available through the GPR (Good Pussy Records) label.

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Album highlights include "In My Eyes" by DJ Keri and DJ Viro, "After Time" by the Brothers of Dub, "Tears From The Moon" by Conjure featuring Sinead O'Conner (Hybrid Mix), "Broken" by Lustral - Way Out West remix, and "Precious Heart" by Tall Paul vs. INXS (Hybrid Mix). But the one track that stands out above all the rest, and truly captures the essence of what DJ Keri is working at doing is track 11 - "Glorious" by Andreas Johnson (Hybrid Mix). It is in this track where DJ Keri's vocals work the best, accentuating and complementing the music rather than competing with it. The song is strong, the melody shines through, and DJ Keri has truly created a beautiful duet out of a solo one. 

Overall I think this DJ Keri project deserves some positive recognition. No one else is doing this (that I know of). And for the most part, her vocals help the music, although at some points, she sounds a little bored and lost for notes, (about midway through the album). But when she is in the groove (Track 11), the result is an ethereal Amber-esque like sound, worthy of releasing as an alternate mix all together. My hats off to DJ Keri, and the seemingly new genre that she is spearheading.

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