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CD Non-Stop Mix Album
DJ Skribble, MTV Superstar DJ, has mixed the latest album in the continuing "Essential" series as released by London-Sire Records. Appropriately titled, "Spring Break/Summer 2001", DJ Skribble's Essential CD was released this past spring and has leaped onto the charts.

The mix opens with Afro Medusa's "Pasilda." Anyone who's lived within any distance of Miami should be very familiar with this free sounding Latin classic. The track sets the relaxed party mood for the balance of the CD. We are quickly plunged into retro land with The Girl Next Door's "Salsoul" which is followed by one of this years most promising imports, Spillers "Groovejet." The mix then morphs into the familiar earthy sounds of Jakatta's "American Dream" has been featured on many a television ad.
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The retro groove continues with Static Revenger's "Happy People" which turns into the disco "Spaced Invaders" by Hatiras. Things get a little harder sounding with Jark Prongo's "Rocket Base" - which bridges the mix to the cd's second half of harder house and trance hits that include Chocolate Puma's "I Wanna Be You", Tamia's "Stranger In my House", Darude's "Sandstorm" and Delerium's "Silence".

For a total of 17 tracks, DJ Skribble has selected a wide appealing group of songs from an international roster of artists. The mix is first rate and although you may not love every track - the collection as a whole will expose you to many of the most promising new dance artists coming onto the dance scene. With one foot in the underground, DJ Skribble's Essential Mix is an easily accessible, widely commercial product that will help you get your groove on.
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