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"No Gravity" by DJ Session One is a new Trance release on the Florida based Neurodisc Records and manufactured and distributed by California based Priority Records. Consisting of four mixes, two main trance mixes and two subsequent radio mixes, "No Gravity", started as a German release from Blutonium Records. DJ Session One has been dominating the European dance charts for the past two years, and Neurodisc is now bringing this trance du jour artist stateside.

The single is excellently produced and features ghostly vocals of an unknown female singer over the top of typical trance synths. Track #1 "Radio Edit" (3:53) captures the top 40 essence of the song and has a great break and rebuild (I would have liked to hear a chilled out version of this track based soley on the break). The song's hook and melody are both very memorable and should appeal to a mass mainstream audience.

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Track #2 "DJ Session One Mix" (7:25), is pure hardcore pop trance, that could easily find a home in any club setting. Track #3 "S.O.L Mix" (3:30) seems to borrow much of its sound from Darude's "Sandstorm" inspired synth arpeggios, and serves as the more aggressive radio length mix. And finally track #4 "S.O.L. Club Rmx" (8:18) is a full on dance floor version of track #3 with less vocals.

Overall an excellent trance tune with very familiar instrumentation that would mix well into any commercial trance set. I would have preferred a more variety of mix styles and perhaps a vocal dub or two to round out the set, but this release seems more targeted towards a consumer base over a dj base, and in this case the goods are delivered.
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