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DJ Nitro has returned! A relative new name to us here at NAJM - The NRG Project is Nitro's second full-length album.

The Project Intro feat. DJ Keeblr (1:18) is the intro to the CD and informs one that DJ Nitro has returned for his second album. NRG 2K (6:57) takes us on a mesmerizing voyage into the underground where nothing stops, even the music. Breakdown (5:35) is a hippy beat fest, adorned with extremely eclectic beats and samples intertwined for good measure. Back to the Underground (4:05); Franklin Avenue (6:11); and The Haunting of Dreams Had…(9:10) are all very funky beat driven with galloping effects on synth sounds.

New Beat Transmission (6:25) this tune is somewhat dark and scratchy. The beats are chunky but somehow these supposed flaws really work the song. Trans-Trans-Transmission works for me!

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Panic Attack (4:33) has this ultra retro flair, especially in the early stages of the mix where the effects sound like pinball machines - a really neat effect. The beats on this mix are gritty, almost sounding garage like before garage got big and transformed itself into Grunge. The somewhat disjointed melodies networked in this song are appropriate for its title.

Bobby Vegas (7:33) and Fresh Music (4:20) are classic examples of driving trance - hard-hitting beats and extremely hypnotic! Showdown @ The DJ Coral (great name!); Twitch; Paranoia; and Two Samples: Single Cream complete this trance set.

I'll admit it, I'm a radical house head - I don't delve too far from house mainly because I like vocals and straightforward melodies. DJ Nitro takes many missing elements and combines them with many elements already in house music. The sum of the equation is that sometimes the songs work and sometimes they don't. Visit his site and make your own choice.

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