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DJ Malcolm Duffy & Lee Lee bring us their newest release as part of the UK based Arriba Records new division, Arriba Blue. The debut release is "French Knickers" and "Murder She Wrote It", both on a single 12 inch record.

"French Knicker's (Malcolm Duffy Dub Mix) is a bouncy underground track that derives its appeal for it's up and down bass. Combined with a filtered vocal loop - the track delves into the underground where it resides.

"Murder She Wrote It" is the second track on this side and features samples from the hit 80's TV show Hart to Hart including the show's intro theme! This is underground at it's best, although I'm not sure how legal. Hopefully they've cleared the samples.

The B Side serves up the "Anthem Remix" of French Knickers, which is bouncy, and hard house hitting with a European flavor.

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