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Perfecto Presents D:Fuse (CD Compilation)


This two cd mix compilation is progressive house nirvana. Known for its deep ethereal smooth transitions and dark forbidding rhythms, progressive house has really come to fruition in the US in recent years. This new offering is being served up on MTA Records, which is a division of V2. MTA is V2's way of focusing their electronic energies into a dance culture imprint. Perfecto Presents D:Fuse is amongst their initial offering.


Perfecto Presents D:Fuse is one perfectly mixed continuous experience from beginning to end. DJ D:Fuse has carefully selected a grouping of progressive house tracks that work perfectly together. No single track truly stands out above any of the rest, and the end result is one cohesive listening experience.

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A few of my personal album favorites include Infrared's "Never Need To Worry" (Leon Alexander's Hopeful Mix), Undivided Space's "Recovery" (Brian Stillwater Remix), Paul Van Dyk's "Vega", Paranoid Jack's "Good Luv", Reflektive feat. Louise De Fraine "Echoes" (Reflektives Original Mix), Blue Amazon's "And Then The Rainfalls" (Ocean Wave Dub Mix), and finally Circulation's "Turquoise" (Differentgear Remix).


Amongst the best progressive house compilations I've ever heard!

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