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This three-track CD single offers a great deal of variety for the small package. Opening with the lushly produced ballad version of “This One’s For You”, Corinne’s vocals are beautifully showcased in this track fresh out of Sweden. Corinne is definitely a pop force to contend with. She has all the vocal quality of Lee Anne Rimes and all of the charisma of Celine Dion.

The next track on the CD is the Dance Remix (4:51) as remixed by Floom at Replay Studios in Stockholm Sweden. This mix takes this terrific song onto the dance floor with a simple and clean remix.

The last track on this single CD is “Just A Minute” and is off of her album. Further illustrating her diverse abilities, “Just A Minute” combines Pop, R&B, and a bit of Jackson-like funk into the mix.

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Overall this CD serves as just a sampler to this woman’s pop sensibility and appeal. We would like to see a few more remixes of the single, but the cd does not disappoint.

Corrine is just one of many talented artists that NAJM will be reviewing from the Swedish based label “Cool Music” based out of Solna, Sweden.

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