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Return to Music Page Corrine - This One's For You (Album) This 13-track full-length album is by the wonderfully talented dance/pop diva directly out of Sweden known as Corinne. Once you hear this pop/dance driven vocal album you’ll be hooked!

Released on the ‘Cool Music” label based in Solna, Sweden, “This One’s For You” offers something for everyone. Starting off with the house-heavy “Wonderful World”, the album quickly grabs you with the feel-good second dance track “Rescue Me”.  The album takes a tempo break with “Just A Minute” then settles into the lush ballad of ‘This One’s For You. Things pick back up with “Higher Power” which is once again house based and features a great vocal hook. “Woman in Love” is the down-tempo cover of the Bee Gee’s hit. “Blamin’ It On Love” gets the groove moving again and leads into the R&B funk sounding “Keep On”. “Magical Woman” is a sure dance hit in the making. “Whatever it Takes” is a funky R&B tune that allows Corinne to play a bit with her vocals. “True Love” is a slow ballad that relies on simplicity for its appeal. “What a Feeling” is a Hi NRG cover of the Irene Cara Hit from “Flashdance”. The album ends with a dance remix of “Rescue Me” which puts a great end to a very appealing album.

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Overall the music production is stellar and very strong. It is so refreshing to find classic house music so alive and as fresh as this. The album is mixed with a diverse blend of material all excellently delivered by Corinne.
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