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Return to Music Page Cool Dance 2- (Non Stop Mix CD Album)  Sweden’s Cool Music is back at it with this non-stop dance mix CD titled “Cool Dance 2”. If you like that European influenced vocal house pop that Sweden has become known for combined with classic house, you will truly enjoy this collection of artists mixed by Floom.

The CD opens with Run 4 Fun “Only When I’m Dancing” which launches us directly into a Hi NRG dance trip with a very memorable hook. Jam Planet’s “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” is an updated dance version of that 80’s classic, but this time it’s with a female vocal. Next is Rebecca with her “Goin’ Crazy” (SEE ALBUM REVIEW). Rebecca is a newcomer to the Cool Music label, but with catchy vocal ditties such as this, she’s going to leave her impression on the dance music world.

Corinne (SEE INTERVIEW) is up next with her newest single “Heaven In My Heart”. Corinne delivers her sophisticated vocal house inspired performance flawlessly. The song is good and is classic Corinne. Lucinda’s “My Lover” follows and keeps up in house land. The track is memorable and has hit potential.

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St James “Open You Eyes” is a throw back to the Haddaway days of dance music. For all you who crave that old skool dance music, this will satisfy that need. Kinby’s “Perfectly Fine” follows with its ultra candy Euro sound and very appealing hook. The pop group Sunday follows with their “Over Mountains” (Dance Version) which has very well written and provides us a track reminiscent of Lara Fabian and Celine Dion. Dellastars featuring Jasmina brings us “Always On My Mind” (not the Pet Shop Boys or Willie Nelson version) but is just as memorable. The funk inspired house hit is poised to crowd dance floors with its incredible hook. Avalanche “Boys From The Land” follows with its vocal trance number that grooves with its bouncy beats and lyrical guitar riff. Jazmine’s “Rubber Duck” brings us an Aqua inspired tongue in cheek number for comic relief.

The Eskimoes “Anything For Love” offers us that extremely popular driven techno/hi NRG bordering trance sound that artists like Abigail have turned into hits. Other than extending the mix, this track is ready for club play as is. Following in suit, Deenah’s “First Time” is also primed for top of the nightclub play. Cool Music’s Evelyn, who is undoubtedly the Euro pop dance queen, brings us her newest super fast hi- NRG (approaching 152 BMP) single entitled “You & I”. This is classic Evelyn and will be sure to please her fans. The CD ends with the group Flock and their song “Do You Wanna Dance” which is reminiscent of the Swedish hits by groups like ABBA and Ace of Base. Consider it a Swedish signature to end an excellent collection of hits.

Overall all tracks are excellently produced and are of the highest quality. One thing that consistently sets Cool Music apart from the rest of the pack is their use of extremely well written hooks that make their music quite likable. Cool Music has also matured its sound into a world-class dance music production force. Once again, we would have liked longer versions of the songs, but Cool Music is able to cover more material by keeping the individual tracks to radio lengths. This CD provides excellent party music and manages to cover many different stylistic bases and cover them well. NAJM highly recommends this fast and fun collection!

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