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Return to Music Page Cool Dance - (CD Album) Cool Music's Non Stop Dance Mix "Cool Dance" is an eclectic collection of material that ranges in style from Hi-NRG to Reggae to R&B.  The CD is a 54:30 long non stop mix by Esquille and was compiled & produced by Roy Colegate and Peter Lundberg. Featured artists are Evelyn, Corinne, Sunday, Push, Avalanche, K.C. Linn, Metropolis, Run 4 Fun, as well as many others.

The CD is more of a sampler rather than the typical DJ remixed compilation. The tracks are short and never get tired like in some compilations. The songs are pretty much their radio friendly formats. If you like HI-NRG Euro-sounding music, and are not familiar with the Cool Music label out of Sweden, this CD would be a great introduction to their roster of artists.

"Cool Dance" is distributed by Wood Records.

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