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Although this Cleptomaniacs record has been out for a while now, it still deserves a summer time spin! Featuring the smooth vocals of Bryan Chambers, "All I Do (Is Think About You)" is a feel good remake of the classic Stevie Wonder hit from a few years ago.

The CD Maxi-single features a total of six tracks ranging from the "Radio Edit" (2:52) to mixes by Bini & Martini and Jason Jinx. The "Original Cleptomaniacs Mix" (7:00) covers the standard mix while a "Cleptomanics Ghost Mix" (6:58) is also served up. Bini & Martini deliver the "Ocean Mix" (6:55) and Jason Jinx finishes out the set with his "Club Mix" (6:40) and "Hope and Pray Mix" (2:10).

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The remixes are mostly minor reworkings of the original song, all sharing a similar groove. The set is perfectly matched but there isn't a huge variety of stylistic changes available. Miami's Power 96 latched onto this one in the Spring and it still pops up in their mixshows! It's a crowd pleaser with its smooth groove and memorable hook!

Cleptomanics featuring Bryan Chambers' "All I Do (Is Think About You)" is out now on the New York based Radikal Records.

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