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Return to Music Page Chris Fortier - Bedrock (2 CD Mix Compilation) Long time progressive pioneer and proponent DJ Chris Fortier has been dishing up the deepest, darkest, and best progressive house for several years. Getting his start selling boot leg mix tapes in local record stores, Chris quickly fell into demand in central Florida. Originally based in Orlando Florida, Chris Fortier got an early push from veteran DJ Icey, and later went on to promote progressive house through his own record pool. Chris' Balance Record Pool was even instrumental in bringing Sugarglider's "Let Me In" remix by Cass & Slide to US house DJs. Chris now resides in New York and recently joined Twilo as one of their resident DJs.

Year's later, Chris is still at it, and his latest release entitled "Bedrock", is a whopping two disc set packed with dark, dreamy, and hypnotic progressive house tunes that any fan of this genre shouldn't be without. With a few vocals sprinkled in here and there to keep things interesting, the album is predominantly instrumental in nature- which is indicative of progressive house.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) Released through an exclusive manufacturing and distribution license to Pioneer Entertainment (The logo looks like the same Pioneer electronics company, but I am unsure when they launched a label?), Chris compiled and seamlessly mixed the new album.

Although there really aren't any individual stand out tracks, Chris does manage to create a mood that continues across both discs. "Bedrock" ends up offering the listener a cohesive club experience that offers a departure from the norm. Chris' own "Losing Wait" finishes the two disc set. Overall a good, unassuming listen for progressive house fans. Bedrock will be released on June 11th.
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