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Mixed By Chris Cox of Thunderpuss
Nervous Records of New York has just released this full length continuous mix CD as mixed by Thunderpuss' Chris Cox called New York Anthems. The CD is a high quality mix of top notch Nervous Artists like Kim English, Charlotte and Byron Stingily so it has the immediate curb appeal to house fans.

The mix opens with a previously unreleased version of Kim English's "Missing You" as remixed by Razor 'N Guido. The throbbing mix then melts into Barry Harris' (also of Thunderpuss) summer hit, "Dive in the Pool" featuring Pepper Mashay. Charlotte's "Don't be afraid of the Dark" follows and keeps the synergy flowing.

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DJ Mike Cruz presents Inaya and China Ro, "Movin' Up" is next on the turntable and continues to drive the mix forward. The classic Thunderpuss breakdowns shine through the entire mix, as Chris is no stranger to working the dance floor.

Track #6 Mike Macaluso presents tribal mayhem - "Shake" serves as the bridge to the second half of the set, which changes its tone. Byron Stingily's "U Turn Me" and the incredible Kung Pow featuring Beverly Houston's "Keep Me In Tears" launches the CD into an anthematic frenzy before Chris changes direction.

The mix then departs into a somewhat goofy collection of tracks that sort of lose some of the momentum. Aldo's "Love Me"; Omega's III "Falling in Love" are midway there, but the compilation falters just a bit with Winx "Don't Laugh" and Jonah "Yeah…right". These two tracks might work on a dance floor, but seem a little misguided on a house compilation CD targeted to consumers, although I do not fault Chris for his decision.

The last track of the mix is Byron Stingily's "Stand Right Up" as mixed by Johnny Vicious. Unfortunately "Stand Right Up" isn't a strong enough track to capture the energy that Chris started with so the compilation ends on a mellower note.

Chris is a truly amazing remixer and a very talented DJ. Overall, the CD is quite enjoyable and starts out with a huge bang. There are plenty of noteworthy remixes and stellar songs. With the exception of a few clinkers, the tracks are first rate - all the talent is here. With so many mix compilations available, Nervous is sure to rise above the rest with this one.

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