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The music is by the group Chicane and the vocalist is Bryan Adams. "Don't Give Up" - Original Mix (8:35) is truly a great track and you would never recognize the vocals by Bryan Adams which are vocoded, processed, sliced and diced by Chicane to the point where they become an textural instrument within the mix.

This track broke a few months ago here in South Florida during the height of the new trance movement. Although the song is simple and repetitious, the track is well produced with strong percussion and a trancy bass line. The track structure is also well laid out with a long intro, several breakdowns and rebuilds, and a nice outro. DJ's will have no problem fitting this track into the typically vocaless trance sets.

I recently saw these guys perform live in NY, and they are best served up with a melody and song, but fall well behind when it comes to their instrumental tracks. "Don't Give Up" is by far the best that this group has to offer at the present moment.

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