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Cher’s done it again. Successfully riding the wave with her third release off of the "Believe" album, the 12" Almighty Definitive Mix has fused both the Hi-NRG and Euro sound into a US release. If you are the type of person who prefers and wants dub tracks over vocals, you will appreciate that this song offers both. But for a few spoken lines, the song features a 2:20 minute dub intro. Euro house with aggressive funky beats are likely to make this hit fill the dance floor. At 4:33, Cher gives the crowd a chance to breath from her oh-so-typical "I can’t hold a note for too long".

Cher’s usual candy lyrics are for this song, are surprisingly, strong. Written about a relationship on the verge of a breakup, Cher takes us through the question of, "should we or should we not end this relationship", while successfully taking us on a virtual tour of her heart.

At :45 long, the song’s Outro make it incredibly easy to slip into the next mix.

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