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Captain Cozmo – The Final Countdown (CD Remixes)

Here is a new Hi-NRG cover of the “Europe” hit entitled “The Final Countdown”. Released through Cool Music out of Sweden, this full-out production features three Mixes. The first is the “Millennium Radio Edit” (3:30) and is perfect for radio airplay. The “Computer Crashdown Mix” (4:20) is pure Euro sounding and from its mix title we know that it was referring to the Y2K issue that came to fruition.

The final mix is the “Rocketride Journey Mix” and begins with a voice welcoming you to the new millennium (fittingly appropriate). A few screeching guitars makes this mix a little bit harder than the other two, but its still very Hi-NRG Euro Dance.

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Captain Cozmo is just one of many talented artists that NAJM will be reviewing from the Swedish based label “Cool Music” based out of Solna, Sweden.
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