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DJ Boris & Doug Beck are no strangers to dance music production. Having remixed the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Taylor Dayne, Shania Twain, and Britney Spears, this duo knows how to craft hot dancefloor tracks.

"Automatic" is basically a dub track for there are no lead vocals. The Club Mix (8:05) starts with some very cool underground dark echoes that place the track off of the beaten path. Continuing to build, the track breaks into a synth riff which sets the melody. The Roxy Dub (6:05) starts right off with a heavy bass feel where the synths float above it. The Roxy Dub has a bit more energy while the Club Mix is darker. Both tracks are tightly constructed with strong rhythms.

DJ Boris spins regularly at NYC's Limelight & Roxy, Miami's Warsaw, & Boston's Karma & Avalon, as well as WKTU's Underground House show. Doug Beck is a well known keyboardist, producer & programmer and is currently producing a new album.

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