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Mixed By Barry Harris of Thunderpuss
4 Play Records out of Los Angeles has released the third installment of its "Circuit Sessions" expertly remixed by Barry Harris of Thunderpuss. One half of the duo who have taken dance to the next level - house heads can feel the boom of hits currently making their mark on the club scene.

Barry starts his mix out smooth, David Morales & Albert Caberra present Moca featuring Deanna "Higher" which is heavy house and has lots of good breaks. The song has an ultra fine sound that flows nicely for the lead off track on this mix compilation. Harris does a flawless job of fading in and out of the very recognizable voice of Kevin Aviance's "Dance for Love" and Those 2 "Get Wicked" both of which are good tracks and offer fresh perspectives.

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Harris' own "Beg for It" is an updated clubby sounding version of the massive 80's tunes, "I Beg Your Pardon" by Kon Kan. This tune has a lot of staying power. "I Beg Your Pardon" still pops up regularly on radio mix shows. Jocelyn Enriquez's "When I Get Close to You" (Thunderpuss Mix) offers a nice mosaic touch to the set, really putting the frenzy setting on high output. The powerhouse vocals and beats on this one are an all out assault on the senses that will overwork your crowd and speakers everytime! Mike Cruz presents Inaya & Chino Ro, "Movin' Up" (Barry Harris Madtizzy Re-edit) is up next, and does a nice job of blending a more underground sound with a hint of soulful explosion.

Now the Jennifer Holiday "Think it Over" (Thunderpuss Remix) is a thunderous sizzler and a great signature tune for both Thunderpuss and Holiday. With this combination of artist and remixer, you can't go wrong. Cormano "Mangamania"; Erik Pier O'Neil "Revenge"; Luv guru "Love Non Stop" and Wavehead "The Second Coming" all take their spins on the tables and add to Harris' beefy, booming signature style. For the outro mix, Harris has selected Hypertrophy "Just Come Back to Me" (Friburn & Urik Remix) which highlights the set with a tribal and heavy house masterpiece that pulls everything together.

This collection is a diverse odyssey. The mixing is flawless and the majority of the tunes are anthematic in nature to ignite consumer excitement with enough fresh material get them interested. Nice job Barry.

Reviewers Note: Circuit Sessions 00.1 mixed by DJ Manny Lehman and Circuit Session 00.2 mixed by DJ Abel are both available through 4 Play Records.
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