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NAJM Music Memorial Day Weekend with Barry Harris!

Memorial day weekend wouldn’t be the same without the big club parties featuring top performers. In this case it was Barry Harris of Thunderpuss spinning live at Fort Lauderdale’s Coliseum Nightclub (See Review).

We arrived just shortly after 11 pm and Barry was already hard at work warming up the room. His early evening records included Celeda’s “Be Yourself”, Wamdue Project’s “King of My Castle”, and “Don’t Call Me Baby” by Madison Avenue. The night was off to a good start.

The dance floor exploded with activity as if Barry had turned on a switch when he played Amber’s “Sexual”. He followed up “Sexual” back to back with another popular Amber hit “Above The Clouds”. This was all that the crowd needed for inspiration for the rest of the evening. Never once did the packed dance floor thin out.

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Barry covered most of his bases and played mostly recognizable hits that spanned artists like Christine Aquilera and Celine Dion to Jennifer Holiday. Whenever possible, Barry played his own Thunderpuss mixes of these dance floor and pop hits. That gave the night the signature Thunderpuss sound that the crowd couldn’t get enough of!

Around 1 am or so, Barry launched into a more underground influenced set of tribal drum tracks and dance dubs, but the crowd stayed with him the entire way. Just when you thought Barry had taken us far off the beaten musical path, he would spin a song of familiarity that reassured us that the night would not turn obscure.

Periodically, in the grand style of The Coliseum Nightclub, several performers and drag queens performed acts during the seamless mix. This included numbers such as Loleatta Holloway’s “Share My Joy”, and the Eurythmics’ “17 Again” (TP2K Mix). Barry worked these numbers in quite well.

One of the more interesting mixes of the evening was when Barry combined Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” with Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger”. The mix started off with the Donna Summer classic, but before you knew what happened, the Madonna record was playing. Just when you thought the set was over, he morphed back into “I Feel Love”. Very nicely done.

Overall the night was truly enjoyable and went by very quickly, a sure sign of a good DJ. Barry was definitely a crowd pleaser and was not there to do his own thing. Barry understands dance music and club crowds and always seemed to know what to play at the right time. It’s no wonder that Thunderpuss mixes continually dominate the top of the charts.

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