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This epic trance tune has been circulating around South Florida since February when DJPJ placed it on his DJPJ Top Ten Picks. We decided to review the tracks because although Ayla may have had their run down here, we discover from time to time, that a track may just be breaking somewhere else in the Country.

More or less "Ayla Parts 1 & 2" are a cross between Euro Hi NRG and New Trance with its very simple and light beats. "Ayla" derives its synergy from the use of keyboard arpeggios combined with simple female vocal samples.

Part 1 is without vocals and serves as a more simplified version of Part 2. Part 1 has a little more of a house feeling to it and could easily make an appearance during a trance set, while Part 2 takes on a more vocal-pop feeling. In both cases the sounds used are simple but very hot. With the dawning of the New Trance movement, Ayla will be sure to make its rounds.

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