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Available only as an import released on the UK based Transient Records, Astralasia's "Something Somewhere" marks their ninth album since 1992. Founded by producer / Remixer Swordfish (Remixes of Bob Marley, Gary Numan, Todd Rundgren, Donna Summer, & Marilyn Monroe), Astralasia has become one of the fore runners in the European trance scene. With over 100,000 in total units sold to date, Astralasia has already proven themselves marketable in the ever growing dance music arena. Swordfish is also a founding member of Salt Tank who's track "On Your Mind" appeared on the Swordfish movie soundtrack (See Review HERE).

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) "Something Somewhere" consists of nine dance / atmospheric tracks, most of which are the high energy upbeat euro trance flavor with dreamy vocals flowing over the top. Track #2 "Prophecy of Life" is a great example of this and has that "I've heard this song before" familiarity. Melanie Taylor provides the silky vocals while Bauku plays bass, Sam Turner provides strings, David Riley (Dreamhouse), Paul Chousmer (Another Green World) and Lou Palmer (Honeytunnel and Loopjoy) complete the band. The balance of the album keeps the energy flowing with ethereal chords and hypnotic beats combined with otherworldly sounds to complete the set.

If you're looking to get lost in a trance induced dream state, the check out Astralasia's "Something Somewhere" album which is available now.

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