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It is refreshing to see the direction that Trance has decided to take. Many of the trance tracks like Robin Fox's "I See Stars" or Fragma's "Miracle" are great examples of bringing vocals back into a mix and really spicing up the sound.

"Someone" is the latest effort from Ascension out of the UK and the "Thrillseekers Mix" (6:57) wastes no time in launching directly into an extremely driving hypnotic bass line, which sets the mood for the rest of the song. Somehow "Someone" has a retro feel like I've heard it before. But quite honestly like many US dance releases, there are not a lot of gimmicks in the mix to cling on to. Don't get me wrong; there are still plenty of drops and breaks for your crowds to go wild over! Joanna Laws vocals are a bit breathy, which lend nicely to this up-tempo house/trance mix.

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This single is available only as an import (to the US) at the moment on the Perfecto label. "Someone" can also be found on Oakenfold's latest Transport Compilation. Other mixes include the radio edit (3:55) and the Original Vocal Mix (9:00). Of course, with US dance floors hungry for Trance; it's bound to start getting spins on dance radio and popping up on commercial mix shows. Just tell them that NAJM sent you!


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