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Return to Music Page Angeleyes - ABBAdance (CD Album) Who better to do an updated fresh treatment of ABBA but Sweden's Cool Music! "ABBAdance" is the name of the album and Angeleyes is the name of the group. The album contains 10 Hi-NRG Euro-pumping ABBA hits. The vocals come to us via Katerina Sjolin and Anneli Axelsson who are every bit as charming as the original ABBA. The songs are not club length and appear in their radio friendly formats.

The music production pretty much stays true to the original material but has been creatively updated to appeal to today's audiences. S.O.S, Dancing Queen, Gimme Gimme Gimme, One of Us, Mamma Mia, Super Trouper, Summer Night City, Money Money Money, The Winner Takes All, and Ring Ring are all included. Has anyone figured out why ABBA triple titles their song titles anyway? Gimme gimme gimme money money money ring ring?

Although the album's length is a bit short (37+ minutes), if you're an ABBA fan and miss new material by the now defunct group, this album will satisfy that need.

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