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The movie world and dance music collide once more. This time it's the club remixes of the beautiful Hans Zimmer composition of "Now We Are Free". Hans Zimmer has been writing incredible movie scores for Hollywood for well over a decade now. "Now We are Free" is the theme from the hit movie Gladiator. Enter Andy + The Lamboy (who is known for recently remixing Abigail) and Dreamgate and you have energetic dance remixes of a gorgeous composition.

The CD maxi single starts off with the "Andy + The Lamboy radio mix" (4:06) featuring the trance vocals of J Cee. The trance styled "Dreamgate Radio Edit" (3:07) is up next followed by an Andy + The Lamboy Club Mix (7:47) and Progressive Dub (9:19) which take the track deeper into club land with its syncopated keyboards stabs and energetic mix. The last remix offered up is the "Dream Gate Extended Mix" (7:13) which closes out the set with an extended version of the Dreamgate radio edit.

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Overall a nice melodic collection of mixes. The real orchestra strings really make the recording stand out along with the Hans Zimmer composition. Now We Are Free (Theme From Gladiator) is now available on the Tommy Boy Silver Label.
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