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Anthem diva Amber is back with another slice of erotica on her new single, "Yes" as the follow-up to her #1 dance hit, "Sexual". "Yes" is the first single to be released from Amber's 3rd album due out on Tommy Boy Records in 2002. Remixes by Hex Hector and Illicit show that Amber is in charge and out to please the broad spectrum of her listeners.

Track #1 (Original Radio Edit - 3:52) showcases Amber's sexy, passionate vocal pattern. The track chemistry really comes together and sounds very "Sade-esque" sort of like a percolating neo-dance versus hyped up jazz sound - the end result is a tune that is truly Top-40 friendly. Tracks #2 and #3 (HQ2 Drum Roll & HQ2 - Drum Intro - 3:35/3:34) features Hex Hector as he steps into these tracks with his definitive sound using lots of rubbery bass punches and upbeat progressions that set him apart from other on the circuit boys.

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Track #4 (Illicit Radio Edit - 3:35) is the standout cut on this promotional CD. The retro throwback sound with groovy keys and organs is a hot one right now, and works surprisingly well with this cut. Illicit also use this wicked laser plug-in which makes for a cool effect. My only complaint is that Illicit didn't do enough with Amber's vocals.

Globaldance received a promotional copy of "Yes" before its initial release - and the CD we received only contained short radio edits, not the extended mixes that appear on the commercial release. Track listing for the commercial release is:

1) Original edit.
2) HQ2 edit.
3) Illicit edit.
4) HQ2 Big Room Club Mix. Nearly 10:00 minutes!
5) Illicit Club Mix

Those looking for classic Amber, with a few turns along the way should not miss this quality collection of tunes. The girl can't disappoint!

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