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Dance staple artist Amber releases her umpteenth remix single on June 21, 2005. Thankfully, Amber has shown her fans in the past that there's more to the music than just the DJ alone.

Voodoo is no different. With the first cut (Mike Cruz Vox Mix 9:25) jumping in first and taking a stab. Jarring big beats with a earthy touch on Amber's vocals make this mix an early evening crowd pleaser. A touch of retro progressions mid-mix, make this mix a sure favorite. (Sweet Rains Club Mix 9:01) – is HOT! Guitar plucking tribal sound woven expertly with pure synth overtones. Heavy on creamy drum licks wrapped around contemporary pop sets this mix apart from other efforts of remix mediocrity.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) (Kriya vs Velez Passion Main Room Mix 5:53) treats us to a ultra dirty bass house, if not slightly rock track, great in your face vibe. Strong vocals (vocoding aside at 4:01) creates a melodic sound scape. (Ugly Doll Club Mix 4:47) comes out of the gate a little fast, the “in” vocal drops at a mere :34 seconds. This mix gives a refreshing history lesson of “road tested – club approved”. Bass punch will stay with you long after the mix has ended.

Pierpressure Vocal Mix is a sweet smelling salt of funky grooves. Coming in a slightly slower than the other “Voodoo” mixes you might have a somewhat difficult time keeping a floor full, but this cut would be the perfect fit for a lounge discoteca atmosphere. Sounds Great, Less Filling. (Daruhla's Tribal Chant Dub 5:38) brings us the obligatory dub, slightly reminesicent of Amber's “This is your night” days. The dub has some very subtle changes to the progressions, but all the same will march straight to your head.

Though she's been around a few years, Amber still manages to connect with her fans, and along the way has probably learned a few things. “Voodoo” practically gets up on its soapbox and screams danceability. Strong vocals and a nice range of remixes make this single a sure seller.

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