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Opening with the original Thunderpuss Mix of "Taste the Tears" (3:48) from the "Sex and The City" soundtrack, Amber - The Hits Remixed is an incredible compilation that merely reminds us how much Amber has given to the dance music world. Over the years it's hard to believe that all this incredible dance music has come from one artist over a relatively short amount of time. The list of remixers featured on this album reads like a who's who of the dance music world.

All of the tracks are served up in standard consumer friendly length tracks rather than extended DJ oriented mixes. The total length of the cd is just over 62 minutes. The only extended mix of the set is Junior Vasquez's "This Is Your Night" (8:45). Track #2 "Love One Another" is the featured single from the set with remixes currently available (see review). Track #3 "Sexual" (Deep Dish Cheez Whiz Remix) is a heavy beat laden hard-edged remix of the mega hit from last year.

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With Track #4 Eric Kupper brings us a silky, smooth remix of "Above the Clouds" (4:02). Track #5 is Hex Hector's remix of "If You Could Read my Mind" - the hugely popular hit that brought Amber together with Ultra Nate and Jocelyn Enriquez a few years back for the "Studio 54" Soundtrack. Track #6 brings us the classic "One More Night" (3:43) as remixed by Hani. Track #7 is the funk, Slammin' smooth jazzy "This Is Your Night" Mousse T Remix (4:20). Track #8 brings us the ultra-housy "Colour of Love" Mousse T & Borris Dlogosh Remix (4:09).

Track #9 is the hidden gem of the set - a previously unreleased acoustic version of "If You Could Read my Mind". Deemed the Hex Hector Epic Piano Mix" (4:14) this huge anthematic non-dance version is gorgeously produced. There are a few artifacts on the vocal track - but after dusting it off, the track is a showstopper. Track #10 brings us the extended huge house slammin' Junior Vasquez classic "This Is Your Night" Sunday Night Bump Extended Mix (8:45). This is the Junior that you know and love.

Track #11 is the follow-up hit to "Sexual" - "Above the Clouds" Thunderpuss Remix (5:56). This is no doubt the version you heard on many Saturday night dance floors with its classic Thunderpuss treatment. Track #12 "Taste the Tears" Thunderpuss Remix (3:38) is the club-inspired remix of Track #1. Track #13 brings us a Euro-trancey sounding version of "Love One Another" Mystica Remix (3:34). And lastly is an incredible fast tempo trance remix of "Sexual" (4:14) that brings this awesome collection to climatic close. I had not heard this version before, but it is completely new and fresh with a new chord progression that brings us an altogether new effect.

Admittedly, I am a huge Amber fan and after listening to this diverse collection of masterful remixes - you will be too! The future of dance music has never looked brighter. Thank you for the music Amber!

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