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Side A - Junior Trance to Dance Mix (10:56)

This one is a pseudo tribal/trance house anthem that has all of the appeal of the old Amber and all of the freshness of a hot new trance track! Save this one for the Saturday night crowd. The beats are hard and driving and Amber's vocals are classic.

Side B - Rosabel Vocal Anthem
1. Main 7:38
2. Mix Show Edit 5:15
The Rosabel Main Mix is a powerful progressive vocal house track that is both smooth and reminiscent of the very popular Peter Rauhofer mixes. The main mix is another huge anthem version worthy of your Saturday evening crowds. Play this one early and continue to build the energy.

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The Mix Show Edit is more or less a shortened version of the main vocal mix, but has been edit in length for radio mix shows.

Side C - Junior Trance to Dub Mix (7:20)

Once again we are given a tremendous dub counterpart to the Junior Trance to Dance Mix. This one coupled with the first Junior Mix on Disc #1 will afford DJ's the flexibility they crave. This is a perfect trance record with lots of fast synths and choppy vocal samples to keep your dance floor pumping.

Side D - Rosabel Big Room Dub (7:53)

Here's the last track of the set, but certainly not the least. The beats are strong and the synths are driving. The vocal samples are so unique, the track sounds almost completely new.

Overall, the mixes were completely designed with DJ's in mind. There is enough material here for every night of the week. All the stylistic bases are covered, and the production is first rate. Tommy Boy and Amber should be commended on assembling this tremendous collection.
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