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Love One Another is Amber's latest single release from her Amber Remixed Album due November 7th. We first heard the song over a year ago and were hooked right away. You may remember that the track was listed on DJPJ's top ten tracks to watch since last November.

Well, the wait is over and the remixes are here and Tommy Boy delivers the goods in a big kind of way with a 3-record set containing no less than nine remixes!

The first 12" - the 1 or 2 contains a total of four mixes; The East Mix and West Mix on Side A and the North Mix and South Mix on Side B. The East Mix is a heavy house number that features very cool vocal loops and gritty synths! After a huge intro, the version lightens up to a simple vocal mix with underground beats - kind of the Jeckyll & Hyde effect. The West Mix is reminiscent of the "Sexual Li Da Di" mixes and will work very well into mix shows with its trancey synths and mix structure.

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The North Mix is my personal favorite pick from this record. The track contains a very nice, smooth NY groove with a touch of industrial synths that will certainly earn this one a spin in the top urban clubs. The North mix is very reminiscent of the great mixes we used to hear in clubs a few years ago, but is not dated at all. The effect is a wonderful combination of a feel good groove and musical ingenuity that pays off big time.

Finally, the South Mix is a hard-hitting dub version of the North Mix. The two tracks work perfectly together for extended sets. All you DJ's who asked for dubs that work with the vocals, it doesn't get any better than this!

What are you waiting for? This is a must have record and will prove to catapult Amber back to the top.
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Check Out Tommy Boy Online

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