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Amber - Above The Clouds (CD Remixes)

Judging from the charts these days, it’s obvious that candy sells, which is exactly what Amber was going for on her second single, “Above the Clouds” from “Amber” her second full length album. This tune has its ups and downs, but from my perspective, its mostly ups.

The first track is the album edit which actually fits in nicely with the rest of the mixes, it shows how to take an otherwise OK song, remix it, and make it sound GREAT!  Jonathan Peter’s Radio Remix has done a nice job energizing the uneventful album version. The mix features a much softer spoken Amber from a vocal standpoint – like he took her vocals and compressed and compressed until he achieved this whispy sound, and surprisingly enough, it works really well. Track #3 the Sal and Brian Radio Mix is your classic house trying WAY too hard to sound like Thunderpuss 2000 and doing a pretty good job at it.

NAJM Dance Culture
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) For an edit, Track #4 the Berman Brothers Radio Remix (the force behind the discovery of Amber) is my favorite, no time for bull – this mix is in your face raw from the first beat, the only thing is disappointing is that it sounds like the mixers literally put Amber’s vocals through a processor so many times that it sounds muddy at times…Just because it worked for Cher and Eiffel 65 doesn’t mean it’s a automatic hit for everyone.

Amber’s got talent, show it!  Tracks 5,6 and 7 are all extended club mixes which build on the previous radio edits and all have massive club and radio potential. The last track, the hard dub, is the perfect example of why I don’t like dubs. This track is downright obnoxious and I can’t imagine it offering any credence to a dance floor – then again maybe filler. The only interesting thing the track offers is this break in the middle of the song that sounds very symphonic – very interesting, indeed.


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