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Amber - AMBER

"Sexual" and "Above the Clouds" are just two of the present smash hit singles released from this her sophomore album after a very successful debut album. "Amber" the album is an eclectic mix of R&B, Ballad and hot dance tracks where she performs flawlessly. The wonderfully intimate "I'm Free" seems to be truly what Amber is all about, and should have special meaning to any struggling musician out there!

According to the sticker on the album, a forthcoming release "Love One Another" is coming down the pike hopefully soon. "Love One Another" is one of those tracks you love instantly and DJPJ has placed it on his hot tracks to watch list. This is classic Amber and worthy of her treatment. The remixes shouldn't disappoint either. The message is good and you'll find yourself singing along on a packed dance floor.

The other two danceable tracks are "Don't Wanna Stop" (typical Amber) and "If You Could Read My Mind" off of the Studio 54 soundtrack. It was surprising to find this track here for it made its run over 2 years ago. "How Can I Tell You" is a cool funky guitar licking well written track with sultry overtones handled well by Amber. The last track track is an abridged version of  "Sexual (Li Da Di)" by TP2K.

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