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Yet another classical melody updated and programmed for the 21st Century! Based on Bach's Cannon (Joy of a Man's Desire), Amadeus 2000 Cannon was produced by Giuseppe D for HotHead Productions and is available on the Fullblast Record label out of New York.

Track #1 "HotHead Main Mix" (6:40) is the full on trance version with strong beats and pulsating staccato synths. This mix is suited for the Rave and Club scene alike. Track #2 "Mike'y D Hard Mix" (6:25) is remixed by none other than WKTU's Mixshow man and FullBlast Records owner Mike'y D Merola. His mix has a more of an underground hard appeal with its pulsing bass drum and sweeping synth effects. The mix builds towards the main synth riff where the recognizable melody sweeps on in. Overall the mix is very DJ friendly.

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Track #3 "Mickey Garcia Club Mix" (8:26) starts off in techno land and then diminishes into a huge break where we first hear the melody. The track then develops into Trance before returning to Techno. A short break beat section is also thrown in for good measure! These various style changes give the track that live mix feeling.

And finally Track #4 "Hot Piece" (2:07) is a short drumless synth lead riff that will give DJ's some flexibility when it comes to mixing or even remixing. With Trance sweeping the nation by storm, listen up, this one's going to be big!

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