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Anyone who's ever taken piano lessons will know this little ditty as Fur Elise, but I bet you've never heard it quite like this! Here the classic song has been brought into the 21st Century and given an epic trance treatment by Giuseppe D for Hothead Productions with remixes by Neil Christian. Available on Mikey D's Full Blast Records, Amadeus 2000 will fit nicely into any huge trance set with its driving beats and staccato synth bites.

The first track offered up is the "Radio Edit" (3:40) and is followed by the "Hothead Mix" (7:32) by Giuseppe D. The intro lasts almost 2:00 minutes before the recognizable synth lead delivers its initial punch. Track #3 "Hot Solo" (2:04) consists of just the synth lead that DJ's can use to introduce the track to an overall mix.

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Track #3 "Prime Mix" (8:15) is a top of the night tribal hard house version with well programmed percussion that provide a nice earthy groove. A light Arabic sounding lead combined with hollow strings drive the mix towards its climax. A piano and orchestral break occurs as the melody is first heard in this version. The break creates contrast to the full on tribal beats that follow. Overall, this mix is very theatrical and departs from the earlier versions. The track is structured for maximal dance floor drama and finishes up with an ample outro.

Track #5 "Prime Beats" (3:03), also by Neil Christian, is a shortened drum dub that can be used to extend the mix. "Amadeus 2000 - The Original Mixes" is a classical tune warped into rave land that capitalizes on its synergetic combination of electronic, trance, and tribal beats.

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