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Every now and then a tune comes along that has that infectious groove that makes you love it (touché Mambo No. 5!) and Better off Alone is one of them! Short punchy beats pulsating your speakers will force you to at least tap your foot or more to this simple, yet clever high NRG beat! Starting from just a steady drum which beginner DJ’s are sure to love and building up that familiar Euro style that is gaining more and more momentum every day here in the States, this song has enough breaks than one of Cher’s ribs for more experienced DJ’s. Topping out at almost 7 minutes with plenty of time for intro’s and outro’s this song is a DJ’s dream.

Alice DJ's first venture into vocals has its merits. While the song doesn’t particularly take the listener on a journey, it’s more of a smattering of “let’s collaborate for a couple of hours, and see where it takes us”, the vocals are easy to understand, makes sense and compared to so much of the other Euro music that is coming out of the UK right now, they haven’t sped her vocals up to sound like Minnie Mouse on helium. Aqua, are you listening?

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Better off Alone has paid it’s dues and I personally think it’s fantastic to see the song reaping the rewards, from working its way up DJ PJ’s Top Picks on the; to gaining massive radio airplay on hugely popular stations in South Florida including WPOW 96.5 and WHYI 100.7. Which as we say in South Florida, if you make rotation on WPOW; you’ve got a hit! Buy this record and watch your dance floor flood, and while your at it, tell ‘em that NAJM told ya!
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