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The Adrenaline Mix (8:44) starts off with a carnival / tribal-like beat that develops into an urgent sounding dub track with sexy female vocal overlays. The track constantly morphs into other textures which keeps it fresh and evolving. With an ample Outro, the track is dance floor ready.

The Deep Beats (6:55) mix starts off with deep guttural drums, but is quickly joined with more familiar sounding rhythm parts. Unlike the Adrenaline Mix, this track starts and stops many times, which gives it that live DJ feel, but also eliminates continuity.

Chris DeCaterina (Moody) is a NY DJ and has released tracks on Groovilisicous, Jellybean, & Metropolitan Underground. He can be heard bi-weekly at China Club and Saturday nights on the WKTU Dance Party with DJ Skribble. He will also be producing an upcoming MTV Global Groove episode.

NAJM Dance Culture
Aldo DJ's at local Warehouse Parties. With the help of "That Kid Chris", he learned his way around the studio, which eventually led him to meeting Moody. The two discovered what they had in common and decided to team up to produce house tracks under the name Al e Mood.
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