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What happens when you take Carlton McCarthy's Jimmy Somerville sounding voice and a fresh progressive house sound? You get Alchemy's most recent single, "Do You Love" (Run Away, Turn Away) inspired by "Smalltown Boy" by Bronksi Beat, which now available on the Tommy Boy Silver Label. Tommy Boy Silver has recruited acclaimed vocalist Carlton McCarthy, who previously worked with Massive Attack and newcomer French Producer Rick O'Neil. The result is an excellent mix of techno-pop, house and all around fun-key beats!

The first track gives us the "Original Radio Edit" (3:40) which immediately sets the stage for a very rich, textured euro house sound featuring loads of keyboard stabs with Carlton's vocals miraculously put in just the right places - sounding so much like Jimmy Somerville that the end result is almost uncanny.

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Unlike many dance tracks which take forever to get going, Alchemy opens with a standard radio edit, but soon shifts gears into an up tempo, affirmative dance track. "Platform Radio Edit" (3:21) is a much more sedate, but overall just as enjoyable. Like Prince and Moby, Alchemy manages to mix up their musical styles and create their own unique brand of dance. Surprisingly, it gels well. Tinged with melancholy, this mix is half dub/half vocal, infusing just enough singing to get around the dub definition.

The "Main Mix" (7:20) is my favorite mix and the stand out track of the set. Alchemy has taken so many styles of dance including progressive house, trance, acid, euro pop, fat funk and have combined all of them to create a uniquely eclectic dance experience. The mix has an infectious energy that highlights a well thought out arrangement by O'Neil and the sometimes moody/somber voice of Carlton lifting into a chorus that is both relaxing but irresistibly catchy. Club goers are going to love this mix for it's hard hitting below the bass line. Track 4 "Lonely Face Vocal" (6:30) has an opening that is fun, light and airy. It has this attitude and vibe of a disco classic, which is propelled by somewhat of a trance undertow.

For track 5 "Platform Vocal" (6:42) O'Neil has chosen a jazz introduced theme. Carlton's voice flows well with this defined genre, with his falsetto vocal range. This mix features floating dreamy sounds of strings and pianos, which are heavily supported by a trancey bass line and kick drum. Track 6 "Platform Instrumental" (6:40) provides DJ's a dub track that gives everyone an opportunity to mix Alchemy in with a longer set.

The 12" is also available. Side A contains 1) Main Mix (7:20), 2) Dub Mix (6:00), and Side B contains 1) Platform Vocal (6:42), and 2) Lonely Face Vocal (6:30)!

Overall, this is one of those rare tracks created by a Producer/DJ who produces music for the labor of love and not just to show off their latest Vocoder. Musically what I enjoyed most is that very few of the songs are repetitive. This is a fun, upbeat CD that shows some attitude while at the same time showing some sweet soul in this crazy collage of electronica.

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