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New York based Radikal Records steps up to the plate with another mega ATB release that may do the radio cross over bit like his previous releases. Very moody and melodic, "Let U Go" features the filtered vocals of The Wild Strawberries combined with the synthetic trance-like world of ATB. The combination is an ethereal club winner!

The CD Maxi single consists of 5 mixes of "Let U Go" and ends with ATB's "The Summer" (which has been popping up on a few compilations stateside). The "Airplay Mix" (3:30) is primed for radio with it's pop sensibility. The "Clubb Mix" (8:12) follows and is an extended version of the "Airplay Mix". The "ATB Remix" (7:30) puts the emphasis on the upper end of the audio
spectrum with it's lighter than usual mix.

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The "Wippenberg Remix" (6:40) features a more Euro Trance styling and is my personal favorite. With it's fast keyboard arpeggios, ghosted vocals, and hollow pads, this mix is a top of the night track using a proven club formula! The slick "UK Dub Mix" (6:46) rounds out the set and surprisingly has a lot of vocals in it - not your typical dub!

The song is good and the hook is very memorable. The mixes are all finely crafted and each bring a slightly different take on the track yet all work together surprisingly well. This sound seems to be emerging as a viable radio pop alternative. Trance-like and pensive, ATB's "Let U Go" is another winner from an unstoppable Radikal Records!

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